Stephanie Lemelin

Stephanie Lemelin is a versatile actress appearing in both TV and film, comedies and dramas, and lending her unique voice to many cartoons, movies, video games, and commercials. She is also an accomplished writer, having penned several movies with the company In-Motion Pictures.

Stephanie began acting professionally immediately after moving to L.A. post graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. She acquired a BA in Communications with a minor in English. During her junior year, she spent a year abroad at UNSW (Sydney, Australia), interning for Network 9 as a production assistant.

Born in southern New Jersey to a mom from Philly and a dad from Quebec, Stephanie grew up outside of Philadelphia until she was 10. In the winters, her family (including brother Brian) lived wherever her Dad was playing hockey, which included: Atlanta, Georgia; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and Boston, Massachusetts. She credits these moves as her first experiences in acting, learning how to blend (or not) into different towns and cities at a young age.

As of 2012, Stephanie has been cast in 13 consecutive TV pilots (several of which went to series) including Satisfaction (for CTV) Men At Work (TNT), The Whole Truth(ABC), Bunker Hill (TNT), Canned (ABC), Good Behavior (ABC), Cavemen (ABC), The Funkhousers (ABC), as well as FOX’s Worst Week of My Life, Dirtbags, and Titletown, and had a lead in the SyFy Channel’s original TV movie/back door pilot — Anonymous Rex, based on the books by Eric Garcia. Stephanie has also guest-starred in many network shows, with comedic and dramatic roles on Bones (Fox), Brothers and Sisters (ABC), The League (FX), The Closer (TNT), Melissa & Joey (ABC Family), CSI: Las Vegas (CBS), Malcolm in the Middle (Fox), Rules of Engagement (CBS), Run of the House (WB), Out of Practice (CBS), The Mullets (UPN). Her network television debut was on the critically acclaimed but short-lived Fox show, Undeclared, in which she was cast after just one month of moving to LA.

In 2008, Stephanie began adding voice-over credits to her resume. Her first big gig was as Mei Ling in the Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda franchise. She also appears as the voice in several commercials, including Nintendo 3DS, Lunchables, and Supercuts. However her best known v/o role so far is as the series regular Artemis on Cartoon Network’s Young Justice, on which she also plays Tigress, Catherine Colbert, and voices The Computer. Stephanie is also the voice of Sporty Shorty in the children’s cartoon Twinkletoes, and had a recurring role as Nurse Lady Pam on Nickelodeon’s Fan Boy & Chum Chum. Additionally, Stephanie has voiced numerous characters in popular video games– including the role of Zombie Killer Abigail “Misty” Briarton in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a nun assassin in Hitman: Absolution, the lead role of Eep in the upcoming Croods video game (which will be released soon after the Dreamworks movie debuts in March 2013). She also reprises her many roles for the YJ video game, Young Justice: Legacy, which will also be released in 2013– and is currently working on a new Insomniac video game called Sunset Overdrive. In addition, Stephanie also recently was cast as a series regular in a new animated pilot called Grid Smasher, which is being produced by Amazon.

Off-screen, Stephanie is very involved in community service. From 2002 – 2009, Stephanie was very active with the Los Angeles-based group Free Arts for Abused Children. In 2004, she began writing children’s books for an after-school project called Camp MakeBelieve Kids, based in Nevada. In May 2006, Stephanie went to New Orleans to volunteer with Emergency Communities in St. Bernard’s Parish. While in Louisiana, Stephanie “accidentally” rescued a dog she named Stanley (for the NHL Stanley Cup— because he’s a champion!) Today, Stan lives happily in L.A. with his big brother, Brucely (another rescue, from the L.A. pound) and of course, Stephanie & A.J. Following her experience in New Orleans, Stephanie become increasingly active in the world of Animal Welfare. She began volunteering with Best Friends Animal Society, doing small dog transports from high kill shelters in L.A. to No-Kill shelters in Oregon, Washington, and Utah. Besides volunteering at local animal shelters, Stephanie networked adoptable pets as often as possible doing mobile adoptions around the city. Two years later, she focused her efforts and joined the board of a pit-bull specific rescue and advocacy group known as Angel City Pit Bulls, where she is currently very active as a volunteer and constant foster mom! All in all, Stephanie is a huge supporter of community service, and encourages everyone to get out and volunteer as often as possible. Only good and more good comes out of it!

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